Many do like to prepare gift baskets at home compare to purchasing from nearby local stores or online shops. There are solid reasons that why fruit gift baskets made at home are popular than the ready-made gift baskets and boxes.

With home made gift baskets you can display your true love and affection for the recipient. You can make the celebrations even more delightful by adding some extra items like wine , dry fruits , chocolates , dry fruits while decoration the basket at home.

While preparing a gift basket at home you can start with the induvial choice about the basket outer map , material , colors , decor scheme. If you want to be more creative you opt for more creative mat, paper box and other suitable material for the design purpose.

The size of the basket can differ as per the type of fruits and other stuffs that you are going to add. You should take of the recipient taste , like and dislikes.

While designing the gift basket at home , you have the benefit of choosing a customized design and materials of your choice. You have the freedom to choose fruits that are healthy and which is one way one way of expressing true feelings and celebrating any occasion.

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