Baby Gift Baskets

These popular Gift Baskets give new parents new baby clothes, towels, blankets, soap and shampoo. A newcomer can expect to receive rattles, books, and other baby supplies they can play with.

Fruit baskets

These baskets are always a great gift, full of delicious apples, pears, other seasonal fruits and nuts. They are perfect for any occasion, and when people want to give a healthy gift, these baskets are popular.

Gourmet baskets

“Reliable old men” in gift baskets for several years, these gifts have traditionally been filled with gourmet chocolate and nuts. Recently, these baskets have been adapted with gourmet coffee, tea, and chocolate drinks; A variety of Italian dishes throughout the dinner; sauces and cold cuts for the grill.

Corporate baskets

This gift basket is becoming more and more popular year after year. Companies send them to their customers to say “thank you” or “have a nice weekend”. Many companies present them to their employees in recognition of a job well done, on anniversaries, the arrival of a new baby, or as a Christmas present.

Birthday gift baskets

Here you will find a wide selection. In the children’s gift baskets you will find a selection of sweets, toys, books and gift cards. For women, you will find spa products, chocolates, sweets, garden items and your favorite drink to relax. For a man, in addition to traditional sweets and nuts, sports, cigar, cooking and barbecue baskets are designed to meet their personal tastes and interests. Gift baskets offer many unique ways to say “Happy Birthday.”

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