Choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones is always a daunting task. However thinking of French themes when it comes to selecting a perfect gift will help you during the gift selection process.

You can opt for giving a French cheese hamper with wine to a newly wedded couple. For centuries , France is well known for its delicious cuisine , cheese and wine , therefore gifting the newly wedded a gift hamper of cheese and wine from France will be highly regarded.

Normally the gift you choose for the newly wedded coup is dependent upon your budget. You can choose from a wide range of options including French furniture, champagne, or even a French-themed vacation. Below you will find a wide range of gift options for newly wedded French couples.


French champagne can be one of the best and luxurious gifts that many couples will love to receive. By opting for French Champagne as gift will mean that you really value the bride and groom. French champagne can easily be ordered from online store or local shops. The packaging you can take care of yourself at home or you can take help of expert designers.

French Furniture

One of the traditional and popular gift choices is a gift for the home decoration. You can think about gifting an antique French furniture to newly wedded couple for an authentic source. Beside you can consider gift other French theme furniture items like sofa , sun beds , garden chairs, tables etc. You can also obtain a reproduced a French-style furniture at a reasonable price. Reproduced furniture is an alternative to the real thing if you want chic French-style furniture for a wedding gift at a budget price.

French Food

Besides cheese and wine options as discussed above, you can also consider giving the couple some high quality French foods, delicatessen items or French patisserie products. Based on your budget and if the couple is French cuisine lover you can offer them with a meal voucher at any Michelin star restaurant. In case if this doesn’t suit your budget, you go for a fresh basket of patisserie croissants, luxury preservatives as well as pastries.

French Vacation

If your budget permits, you can offer the couple’s a Paris trip along hotel stay . Paris is amongst the most romantic destination where the newly wedded couple can have a great time together.

French Crafts

If you have the knowledge and experience to produce something classic and attractive, then you can consider crafting a gift that is related to the French culture.

French Chocolates

France is well known around the world for its premium quality of chocolates. It produces some of the finest varieties of chocolates in the world. A basket of finest French chocolate to newly wedded can also be a perfect gift option.

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